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Our passion for creating world-class motorcycle apparel is further emphasized through our denim collection. We deliver jeans with not only the highest level of protection and comfort, but also with style.

Back in 2013, REV’IT! launched its first motorcycle denim collection and entered the market with a bang. They have been an instant hit. Until then, most denims were constructed from regular cotton reinforced by Kevlar® panels and often raised questions about quality and reliability.

We approached things a little bit differently, constructing our jeans with a single-layer CORDURA® DENIM, most incorporating COOLMAX® for enhanced breathability and moisture wicking, reinforced at critical points by the first generation of PWR|Shield fabric at the hips, seat, and knees, all held together by triple needle stitching.

A lot has happened since. With the arrival of our in-house developed, ultra-thin, virtually undetectable SEESMART™ CE-level 1 hip and knee protectors, we were able to cut even slimmer silhouettes; reducing the overall weight of the jeans, while at the same time, enhancing breathability of the garments. The introduction of the first generation of stretch CORDURA® DENIM was another game changer, especially in terms of wearer comfort.

Having the accessibility of our own in-house test laboratorium, we were well prepared to take motorcycle denim to the next level.



Quite a few denim fabrics provide great impact abrasion resistance. Many have excellent tear strength. Some perform really well on seam strength.


Today, however, motorcycle garments, including motorcycle jeans, fall under the scope of the PPE directive, meaning that they are subject to certification under the EN 17092:2020 protective motorcycle clothing standard. This means that denims have to undergo a series of stringent tests - that all need to result in a pass - and determined on that pass, will result in achieving an A, AA, or AAA certification level. 

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New Trimmings

The REV’IT! design team has developed a new set of trimmings that not only ups the ante in terms of luxurious details, but allows you to instantly recognise what CE certification class the item has. 

The accent color with the reflection at the turnup will be black for all CE levels, however the nail cap of the shank button (button at the center front), and coin pocket rivet are now color-coordinated and indicated as follows in terms of CE certification:

red AAA trimming.jpg


blue AA trimming.jpg


black A trimming.jpg




It is not the first time in our history that new fabrics and technologies applied to our garments have found their origin in our in-house test lab. But never before has an entire product range been developed on the basis of in-depth, scientific research, analysis, and testing of single-layer fabrics and construction techniques.

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New Stretch CORDURA® DENIM Fabrics

We have sourced and developed new stretch CORDURA® DENIM fabrics that enable us to bring you the most amazing washings ranging from 12.5 oz. to 16.5 oz. in weight.

PWR Shield 2 Jeans.jpg

New PWR | Shield 2.0

In some models, we’re using specific washings that require additional strengthening by PWR|Shield to obtain the desired CE certification levels. The new PWR|Shield fabric is thinner, lighter, and even more comfortable against the skin, so when applied, you won’t even notice it. Our AAA jeans come with PWR|Shield under the seat, hips, crotch, and the knee area above and below the protector pocket, covering the knee area. 

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The Single-Layer Solution

Most jeans in our collection are so-called 'single-layer denims'. They not only look like regular fashion jeans, but also feel and wear like them too. You’ll find these characteristics in our A and AA certified jeans. We are able to create a single-layer because the new materials are inherently stronger by nature, therefore, we don’t need to use a reinforcement.

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Vegan Approved

Last but not least, all SS22 jeans styles are vegan approved! No leather trimmings are used in any of the details for the denim

Introducing the new RV36 SEESMART™ CE-Level 1 Knee Protector

To create an even slimmer silhouette in our denim collection, we developed a new SEESMART™ RV36 knee protector: a protector which is pre-shaped and narrower at the center. Especially for slim and skinny fit denims, this new protector is a great solution that every fashion-conscious rider will love.

Certified CE-Level 1, the pre-shaped protectors not only offer better comfort, but the open structure continues to allow air to travel through, enhancing the breathability component. Furthermore, the notches that run along the side of them have a tapered characteristic, allowing them to integrate more seamlessly and they don’t compromise the silhouette of the jeans. They also now align better with the side seam so when in the riding position (if the tank is wider) and the jeans start to pull, the protectors still sit in the proper position. 

knee and hip armour Jeans.jpg
knee armour Jeans.jpg

Left and right versions of the RV36 SEESMART™ protectors have been created for maximum safety and coverage. 

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Our comprehensive spectrum of motorcycle jeans come in a variety of fits and washes for both male and female riders.

100% Motorcycle-Ready Jeans

We understand that everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to riding jeans - but comfort and safety should not be sacrificed in the process.

To make it easy, we've put together the following guide on how to find yourself exactly what you're looking for in your next pair of motorcycles jeans.

Let Us Guide You To Your Perfect Fitting Shape

First, let's tackle the fit part. "Fit" is the actual shape of your pair of riding jeans. It's the first thing you need to consider when you're deciding what type of jeans you want.


Regardless of your body shape, we'll have a pair that will look and feel the way you want. All our female fits have a slightly higher waist to ensure a more feminine look and to cover the back a little more.

skinny fit.JPEG


Skinny fit riding jeans have the narrowest or “skinniest” silhouette. They hug the hips, thighs, and calves all the way to the ankle. There's no tapering or flare in the leg area and they offer an instant figure-complementing appearance. Our skinny fit jeans have stretch properties and therefore provide amazing flexibility and comfort. They’re our most fashionable fit as they look very stylish and lean on whomever is wearing them.


Slim fit riding jeans are designed to create a look that ensures your legs have definition, without feeling too clingy. It takes the best of regular fit jeans and then tailors it down in the thigh area to the ankle. A modern-looking riding jean with a narrower fit and classic style.

slim fit.JPEG
tapered fit.JPEG


Tapered jeans feel comfortable from the waist to the thigh area, while from the knee down, the model tapers, becoming narrower as they reach the ankle. They offer a more contemporary look without the discomfort of being too tight. Get the freedom of movement you need and the best of both worlds.


The riding jeans most people consider to be “regular.” They’re made to fit and look like iconic archetype styles. A relaxed fit from the waist to the ankles. This timeless pattern rests lightly against your upper legs without constriction. From the upper legs down, these jeans sport a straight cut. Pair it a pair of motorcycle sneakers or boots and you’ll be good to go.

regular fit.JPEG
loose fit.JPEG


This style gives you all the room in the world to move around. Don’t mistake them as baggy, as their fit is mainly offered to add maximum comfort to your ride without feeling like your legs are drowning in your jeans.

Now that you've seen what we offer, it's time to find your perfect pair. That way you can get out on the road, ride protected, and never think twice if your jeans are doing their job - both in terms of a second skin or style. 


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